One of the key components to making Subarus adhere to the road is the choice of suspension and associated components. Here at Extreme, we are authorised dealers for the complete Tein range of suspension and also recommend the whiteline range of anti-roll bars and drop links to obtain a good road/track setup. From basic street dampers, to fully electronic driver controlled adjustable damping, we will have something to suit both needs and budget.



Another often overloooked improvement to standard Subaru parts can also achieved with uprated brake discs and pads. Extreme Scoobies stock the award winning DBA brake discs and pagid pads, or can obtain the customers prefered type if required.

The Award Winning DBA Discs featuring “Kangaroo Paw” ventilation design that runs cooler, is stronger & outperforms traditional straight vane disc rotors by 20%.

The Kangaroo Paw system features 144 precisely positioned diamond & tear-drop pillars. The pillars provide greater strength & greater surface area. This helps by increasing heat dissipation & returning to optimal operating temperatures ready for the next braking application.

Brake pad prices below, please check by phone or email as these prices are subject to change. Other caliper types / grades available, please ask.

Standard 2 Pot Brakes (Pagid FR) £64.63
Standard 4 Pot Brakes (Pagid) £164.50
Standard 4 Pot Brakes (OE) £112.71
STI7 Brembo Front - From £195.00